Derek Rice’s portfolio

Below is a sampling of the work I’ve done. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to see more.

Ghostwritten Thought Leadership Articles

What to Consider When Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy
(First in a three-part series on cybersecurity)

Top 5 Best Cybersecurity Practices 
(Second in the series)

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things
(Third in the series)

A Professional’s Guide: Helping end users get – and stay – cyber secure in the IoT era

The critical role of lifecycle management in maintaining strong cybersecurity

Smart City Technologies:  How solutions are deployed to ensure safety and security at the border

A Vital Role: Campus Security and Life Safety

Security Organizations’ Dual Responsibility Under GDPR

Case Studies

Indiana High School Deploys 3xLOGIC Gunshot-Detection Solution

Meeting the Future Needs of Shore Medical

Creative space calls for a creative solution

Children’s museum finds harmony with IP speakers

Turning the pages on inaccurate statistics

School makes security a priority with an A+ solution

Cannabis dispensary weeds out the details with Hanwha Techwin

Urban Land Institute: Winooski Falls

Urban Land Institute: Park Street Lofts


Cloud Video’s Bright Future

Solving Security Challenges for Remote Campuses

Video Analytics: Evolution Drives Artificial Intelligence & Vice Versa

Is AI Video Ready for its Close-Up?

Pushing AI into the Spotlight

What’s the Difference Between Quantum Cryptography and Post-Quantum Cryptography?

Quantum Computing Gains More Support and Funding from Federal Agencies

DHS Order Requires Agencies to More Quickly Patch Critical IT Vulnerabilities

Assisted Technology vs. Augmented Intelligence vs. Autonomous Intelligence

Why Cybersecurity Planning Should be a Priority for Local Agencies

Street Smarts: Coral Gables, Fla., Puts Data to Work for Citizens

Street Smarts: A Tech-Savvy Atlanta Suburb Serves as a Smart City Testing Ground

Native advertisements

Enabling Prevention and Enhancing Security with IP Network Audio Solutions

The Vital Role of the Human Element in Security Deployments


The ultimate traffic sensor: Exploring the benefits of integrated network video-based solutions for traffic management 

White Paper
Securing Video Surveillance Devices to Close Network Vulnerabilities